Hello peoples! I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m here (in the world, and in my biz/on this website) spreading the gospel of a writing practice/journaling to writers and wanna-be writers.* I’ll show you how easy it can be to get your words and your stories on the page, and how taking the time to be with yourself in this way can transform your life. (and make you a better writer too, if that’s your goal …)

But I’ve got a bit of an ulterior motive:

I’m all about supporting you to live a life that’s meaningful – with no apologies.


Living a life of meaning can be challenging
— particularly when the world seems to conspire to fit women into an “acceptable” norm
but it’s rewarding, wonderful and SO worth it. 


I’ll help you navigate this process with compassion, focus and a little kick-ass cheerleading and support.

(how? you say…)

Through coaching, or by participating in one of my workshops, you’ll find a safe and challenging opportunity (the two are not mutually exclusive) to…

  • bust through your perceived imperfections and “not good enough”s
  • recognize the messages and expectations you’ve internalized
  • shine a light on your blind-spots and help you claim your strength, power and fabulosity
  • live more mindfully, intentionally, and awesomely

And all that ripples out to people around you and makes the world way more awesome. (cause, y’know i really do want world peace …)

(i’ll betcha you do too)

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*and y’know: all you have to do to “be a writer” is to write.

and … if you’re here to talk about having me officiate your wedding and/or get support on writing a personalized ceremony, check here.