Once upon a time you wanted to change the world.

You wanted to “suck out all the marrow of life” like Thoreau did in that Walden book you read in college a skillion years ago.

You wanted to be bold, brave, and sassy – like your Patronus Bette Midler – but instead, here you are: up to your eyeballs in shifting horizons, relationships, and hormones … wishing you could remember yourself without all these responsibilities and expectations. Wishing you had the courage to rediscover what it might be like to live a life true to yourself, instead of the one that’s expected of you, or the one you suddenly find yourself in (a la talking heads: ‘how did i get here?’). 

There’s so much more to life than this. And even if it sometimes feels like it’s impossible to find your way out of muck, you can discover what that “more” is, and how to make it happen.

You can do it by getting present, spending time with yourself, and putting your thoughts on the page. When you do that, you’ll uncover truths about yourself.

I’m Deb Cooperman, a coach and writer who helps women journal through life.

I help women discover what matters most to them (when so much about the world conspires to fit us into an “acceptable” norm), and forge a path to create it … through journaling.

Ready for some of that? To learn more about me / how to work with me / how to get Write That Shit Down – my my free guide to get started with journaling, click on the boxes below. 

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