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NoNoWriMo – Day 11

It’s 11-11-11. There are articles all over the place about how today is a lucky day … a once-in-a-lifetime moment in time that’s full of magic and possibility.

My BF’s sister is a strong believer in numerology and she might agree with this article that says 11 is a sort of cosmic door opener that brings the unknown into the known – or as some seem to be saying: it’s the day to make dreams come true.  Is it? If we all make a wish at 11:11 (and 11 seconds) tonight (i already missed this morning’s chance …) then we’ll all get what we want?

Really? What makes today any more magical than yesterday? Or tomorrow?

I know I wrestle with life a little: I juggle what I really want with what needs to be done to keep a roof over my head, food in the belly and the internet flowing into my home and phone (ah, necessities). I try to create a dreamed of life while dealing with the realities of the reality (or the reality i’m in now/today).  Sometimes I make a wish when I blow out candles or see a shooting star … just in case (wouldn’t want to waste an opportunity), but mostly, I believe that every day has magic; every day brings opportunity to write our life stories the way we want to.

Sometimes that gets me down, because I’m still in the juggle when I want to be in the flow. (other times i’m sure that this IS the flow and i’m just judging the hard parts and calling the obstacles “not flow” …)  I see myself as a dreamer and a realist, but sometimes I think I’ve allowed old (and not so helpful) voices from my past define what that reality is – which influences how I prioritize the things I do, and the things I think I should do. (i know what i meant just there, but i’m not entirely sure it made sense …).  Sometimes I get annoyed that after all this time I still haven’t figured out a way to share my real gifts and have them support me well.

But I guess the lucky thing about today is that it reminded me that each day has the power to be lucky, magical and cosmically resonant.

So today I’ll throw my magic down on paper (maybe not here on ze blog, cause … well, cause i’m not quite ready to announce all of my dreams to the world [even if is just my little blog world] …).  But just in case there really is something to 11-11-11 (beyond nigel tufnel’s variation) I’ll toss this out to the universe.  (now having this come about would be a truly lucky day …)

John Lennon – Imagine 

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