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a case for journaling (indirectly) from the new york times

In an opinion piece in the New York Times, Maria Konnikova describes an old tradition/wonderful exercise that she calls the Unset Angry Letter.

The Angry Unsent Letter, she says, “serves as a type of emotional catharsis, a way to let it all out without the repercussions of true engagement.”

And, as she points out, with the Angry Unsent Letter (and letters in general) rarely being used these days, and the ease of venting publicly through social media, there’s a lot more nastiness out there. Wouldn’t we all be so much better off if we vented on paper and let it go?

Writing and getting feelings out on paper leads to perspective … which can lead to compassion (for self and others) … which leads to a way happier you and planet.

Peace though pens. Yes, please. More of that, please.

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  • Suzanne
    March 26, 2014 at 6:46 am

    I saw an article yesterday about Jimmy Carter…he was discussing his mistrust of electronic forms of communication…how he feels his words are being monitored and replicated in ways he hasn’t authorized…and how he writes “Snail Mail” letters, even to world leaders, if he has something to say…and how creating the thoughts with his own hand makes his words feel more empowered.

    While my reasons might not be exactly the same as President Carter’s, and while I do appreciate the immediacy of electronic notes, I create at least one handwritten letter every week. I agree with President Carter….there is feeling of a more personal ownership of the words. While I’ve been teased for my festive envelope decorations, and chastised for occaionally including loose glitter in the note, I always know how the receiver feels to open their mailbox and find one note which isn’t immediately headed for the recycling bin or to the “Bill Pay” pile. My friend, BJ, said she loves to open her mailbox and see colors and stickers…and “we aren’t even 7 years old!” Feels good for the writer and the receiver…”a happier me, and a happier planet.”

    You know it! Yes, please…and LOTS more, please!