I’m guessing it does. Because with all the societal expectations we’ve internalized, and roles we’ve been playing, we’ve been trained to live in a way that constrains us, leaves us doubting ourselves, and keeping us small.

But here’s the secret: the people you admire? the ones you think are cool? They didn’t get that way by sitting in a corner being passive, quiet, and accommodating; they got there by being unapologetically themselves.

But how do you uncover who you are and what you really want when you’re conditioned to put others first? …when you apologize for taking up space? …when you watch your great ideas get claimed by the bros in the office?


If you’ve seen all the TED talks, watched Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday conversations,
read all the best-selling self-help books, and listened to the podcasts,
but the dots still aren’t connecting, you’ve come to the right place.


I’m Deb Cooperman, and I’ve been there. I get that longing for a deeper, richer life that you’re feeling. 


And I know that finding your way through the sea of possibilities and responsibilities is only a fraction of the things you’re up against. (Not to mention the circumstances and challenges of needing to be a grown up.)


You’re also dealing with years of conditioning, societal expectations, patriarchy, influences from pop culture, social media, advertising, and diet and self-help industries that often play into your deepest fears and insecurities. 


You’re more powerful than you think though. You might forget. You may be second-guessing yourself. You might be thinking: “If I just read this book, or take that course, or work with this guru, or go to that conference…” everything will fall into place.


You might be wondering if the road-not-taken would have made you happier, and afraid you might have to throw everything overboard in order to get back to your elemental you-ness (the you aren’t even sure still exists). 


It is. You’re still there.

And I’ve got something
that can help you
get free
and find it again.



“Whaaat? Writing?” you say. Yeah, writing. But it’s not the kind of writing you did in grade school or high school. There will be no topic sentences, transitional phrases, or outlines. There will no grammar to worry about, and nothing to pretty up for public consumption. This is writing just for you. 


It’s also not Morning Pages, or a 3-step solution to life-changing goal setting strategy.

And while it’s similar-ish, it’s also not the diary and journal writing you’re currently doing either. Or that you used to do. Or that you kinda feel like you should be doing, but you’re not, because: do you really need one. more. thing. on your self-improvement to-do list?


This writing is different.

It’s a creative, reflective practice that will help you write your way free. 


Free of the layers of expectations; the years of putting others first; those negative voices that seem to be on constant loop in your head. I’ll teach you how to spill your heart and soul on the page; to uncover, discover, and recover YOU beneath all that crap you’ve internalized that, my darling, was NEVER you.

And even if you think you can’t write, trust me: you can. I have yet to meet a woman who has been through my programs or workshops who has been unable unlock the door and start getting her heart on the page.


I will help you find the road in. A road to reconnect you to your powerful, inner Wonder Woman; to help you uncover/rediscover what matters most to you (when so much about the world conspires to fit you into some kind of “acceptable” norm), and then, if you want to, help you start forging a path forward. To WRITE YOUR WAY FREE. 

To learn how we can work together, check out the
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