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another day, again (a new year’s poem)

I first wrote this as a random end-of-the-year musing in the mid 2000’s. With a few tweaks here and there, I finally accepted that it was a poem: my New Year’s poem.

Happy today, friends.

Another day, again

Days go by, we meet people, we buy groceries.
We work, we sleep; we wish for more, we strive to do better.
We wonder why some things are so damn hard.
Other times we think about people who are truly suffering and struggling, and we feel lucky, soft and grateful.

And we are grateful.
(And sometimes we still forget.)

We wish we’d said something when we had the chance; other times we wish we didn’t say what we did when we did.

We do laundry, we hang out with family and friends, we procrastinate.
We can’t get that song out of our head.
We triumph, we fail, we hang on; we let people go.
We rise to challenges and we hide our heads in the sand.

We dig in on our karmic homework…
locked in a cosmic tango; still in the dance.

We get the mail, we pay the bills, we bitch about the price of gas.
We dream, we stretch, we take out the garbage, check email, laugh and cry.
We hug the people we love.

Deadlines loom, deadlines pass…new ones grow in their place.

The weather’s gone crazy; the ice caps are melting; we spend too much time on our phones.

We wrestle our demons, we wrestle each other.
(Sometimes the wrestling is fun.)

We choose, we second guess, choose some more; we plow forward hopefully.
We dance with the unknown even if we don’t think about it that way.

Another day.
Another cup of coffee, another bill paid, another song you can’t get out of your head.
Another load of laundry, traffic jam, and sunset.
Another challenge, another opportunity, another call to return.
Another visit with friends, another goodbye.
Another good laugh, another good cry.

The calendar flips and nothing is different, really. Still, there’s much to celebrate: the world’s the same, and never the same river twice. 

Another day, another year. 

And another day again.

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  • sunny days are a comin'!
    January 5, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    I love how seemingly uncomplicated this poem is. I love the juxtaposition of opposing ideas, “We rise to challenges and we hide our heads in the sand.”

    I absolutely love these phrases: “Deadlines loom, deadlines pass…new ones grow in their place.”
    “The weather’s gone crazy; the ice caps are melting; we spend too much time on our phones.”

    This whole poem resonates so strongly with me…things and ideas and events, even losses, are monumental one day/week/month, and (sometimes) gone the next. Is this part of the human condition? The need/urge to distract ourselves so that we don’t have to think too hard about what it takes to change?

    Love it. Thank you, more please.