I write about  how women can write their way free, and create a more conscious, unapologetic life at any age.

These post will give you an idea of how it all works.


Jive with it? We might work well together. 


Apologies, Guts and Stories – Sharing their stories can help women break free of that nasty, heartbreaking, inculcated habit of apologizing for every-fargin-thing.

Thank You, More Please – All about my fabulous not-quite-gratitude (but sorta-gratitude) journaling process.

Motherless on Mother’s Day – Loss and grief don’t only happen on holidays – Hallmark or otherwise – and they sure as hell don’t have an expiration date. Here, I share my favorite tool; one that will always welcome you, and will never tell you it’s time to move on.

Outwit/Outlast Your Internal Editor – Just what the title says baybeee. A practice to help you drop-kick that negative voice in your head.

When Self Care Looks Like a Kvetch-Fest – Where I tell you that there’s no reason why venting and kvetching can’t be good for the soul.

Resolutions, Schmezolutions – Instead of joining in the magical thinking fest that is January 1st, go your own way and connect with inner wisdom, take baby steps, and create the daily habits that are required to make change.

Julia Cameron Can Bite Me  – My love/hate thing with The Artists Way (and how it might liberate you…).


And some random/pop culture stuff … because I can

Stuff I learned from Dr. Joyce Brothers

Another reason to love Jon Stewart