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creating my dream career – aka: the toughest personal growth workshop ever

I wrote this post for my friend Michelle Ward (the fabulous “when i grow up coach“). She was shining a light on people who’re living their grown-up, passionate careers (like moi) in a blog-tour to announce her CreativeLive class when it first launched.

Michelle’s support, encouragement, and example were SO helpful as I began crafting this dream career of mine, and you can ‘Create Your Dream Career’ with Michelle in the virtual version of her CreativeLive class right here. (do it! do it! do it!)

In just a few days I’ll be celebrating the 3 month anniversary of leaving my day-job.

It’s been a wild three months. Some days I’m excited, jazzed, and on-top-of-it, and other days I feel overwhelmed by the to-do list of stuff required to make this dream career/business of mine really fly.

But even when I’m stressing out over some wonky something that is (or isn’t) happening on my website, or my scheduling program is still confounding me, or why-isn’t-my-printer-printing, and other such administrative craziness, there’s one really important thing that is crystal clear: I’m never sorry.

Sure, I miss the camaraderie of my old colleagues and pals in NJ’s arts community, and yeah, I miss the safety of a regular paycheck.

But I never miss working a 9 – 5, commuting to an office, or working (primarily) with other people’s agendas.

I miss the people. I never miss the job, and I never regret making the leap.

Because, even though there was a lot to love about my old gig, and I believed in the mission of the company, I’m now devoting my time and my energy to something that is in my BONES. Something that tugged at me for years … even before I knew it could be a business.

For years – no decades – [no, eons] – I dreamt of doing work that I really cared about – that was a reflection of who I really was. Work that could make a real difference in people’s lives.

And now that’s what I do.

I’m a business owner, workshop leader, and a pied-piper of be-your-fabulous-awesome-free-from-shoulds-and-gottas-self.

If you’ve spent any time on the site, you probably get that there’s a lot in here about keeping a notebook/writing practice/journaling, but it’s definitely not just about that.

It’s about giving yourself permission to be who the fuck you really are…to be kind and compassionate to yourself and others. About being open to growth and welcoming it all – seeing that happy isn’t a “good” thing, and sad isn’t a “bad” thing (they’re both just things…). It’s about questioning the stuff you’ve ingested from your family, community, Madison Avenue, and the movies…to uncover who you really want to be, and what you want to do and create in your life.

So, these days I’m studying, stretching, and website widget wrangling, getting support and encouragement from fellow solopreneurs so I can help more women break free of the stuff that’s got you second guessing yourself and weighing your spirits down. It’s not always easy, and the to-do list is almost the size of the cliffs of insanity, but I don’t really mind.

Cause whenever I’m tearing out my hair trying to get a damn widget to show up in the side bar (or, calling on one of my colleagues/support goddesses for help when i give up), I know that I’m doing it in service of my big goal: the big D dreams.

Having my own business is like being in one of the most intense and awesome personal growth workshops EVER. And it’s pretty damn awesome.

In many ways, this doing-the-hard-work-on-in-service-of-the-dream-business is a lot like doing the hard work in service of a life you really want to live. It’s not always easy, but it’s ALWAYS worth it.

If YOU want support to do this kind of work, sign up for my love/newsletter list here. You’ll be the first to learn about my upcoming courses, products, and programs. And (bonus!), you’ll get a copy of my ebook: Write Your Way Free – an ebook that’ll get you started with writing practice (or deepening your existing practice). Writing/journaling/keeping a notebook’s just about my favorite tool for unearthing insights, wrestling with challenges, holding up a mirror to your life and making changes that will help you embrace all the opportunities in your one wild and precious life.

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