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Overheard on line at Dunkin Donuts the other morning:

I can’t believe they killed off Edvard. I think it will ruin the show. Like thirtysomething. That show never recovered after Gary died.

(yeah, i never got over that either …)

A friend’s Facebook update:

Large, angry woman takes up 3 seats in the back of the m42 for herself and her stuff. Scuffle ensues when standee moves too close. Unclear who started it but it ended with a fat comment and mutual “f*** yous”.


Came home to find a beautiful flower arrangement by my front door. The address was correct, but the card was written out to another person. Dearest Marilyn … I send these with love, and the hope that you will celebrate this day joyously with those who mean the most to you. Love Theo.

Who is Marilyn? Who is Theo? Clearly, he does not know that Marilyn moved away over 4 months ago.

The story that’s percolating in my head about this goes like this:

Marilyn and Theo used to be lovers. She broke it off late last year, but he hasn’t gotten over it. On her birthday, he decides to reach out in the hope that his generous and loving note will move her to get in touch.

Little does he know that she’s moved away (with her new lover, perhaps?) and some woman named Deb (who called 1-800-flowers this morning to let them know of the error) is enjoying his beautiful arrangement of sunflowers, eucalyptus branches and some other bright purple flowers.

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