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what if you broke free of all the “shoulds”?

Ever feel like there’s something not-quite-right with you? With your relationship(s)? Your home? Your work? Your body? Your life in general?

From what I’ve seen in all my years working with women, it’s pretty clear that we all deal with stuff like that at one time or another, and in varying degrees.

I wonder where these thoughts originated, and why they seem to take root in so many amazing women.

Cause if you really think about it, it doesn’t make sense. When a daisy blooms we don’t expect it to transform and become a rose. Or a hydrangea, fern, or lilac.

Yet somehow, we think we should be something other than who and what we are.

We’re too much this; not enough of something else (and we most certainly should be much more of that something else, right?). We should be doing more, producing more, and by gaad, we should look positively fit and fabulous doing it.

But who made this shit up? Whose rules are we following?

What could your life be like if you rejected all those shoulds … all the things that aren’t you – even if the magazine you’re reading, the cultural conditioning that’s on repeat in your head, or the Insta-influencer you’re following says you should or you must.

I suspect you’d be a be a lot happier.

A lot more compassionate to yourself and others.

And I’ll bet the world would start responding in kind.

And the ripples from all that? Oh, darlin’; wouldn’t it be nice?

Imagine how great we’d all feel, and what could we accomplish if we weren’t obsessed with the number on the scale, our salary, our title, and the way we look in that photo our friend just posted on Facebook.

Well, THAT is why I do the work I do.

I want you to spend time with yourself and your notebook, digging in and becoming more self-aware – so you can start breaking free of the shit that’s got you second guessing yourself and weighing your spirits down.

Cause you’ve got a life to live…

…and you’re a gorgeous daisy, damn it.

 ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

If you want to do some personal exploration so you can start creating a more intentional, accepting 2019, check out my new end-of-year program: Write Your Way Free of 2018The program runs December 3-13.

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And grow, daisy, grow.

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