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impetus / begin again (poetry interlude)

I found this poem again in a box of prompts I keep for my writing workshops.

Perfect timing and a wonderful reminder that we can start again at any time. With journaling. With relationships. With habits. With anything. Everything. Movement begets movement.


Kathleen Lynch

You must change your life. ~ Rilke

Begin anywhere: sleep
on the other side of the bed tonight. 

Tomorrow walk as though your head
is filled with helium & your spine
the string that holds it to the earth. 

Fill a gallery with something
you have not yet made. 
Name your show I Promise.

Buy a large piece of blue
paper. The shade should be vast
and deep and remind you 
of nothing. Roll it carefully
and carry it home on the bus
cradled in your arm.
Try not to pretend 
it is your child.

Don’t cry, but if you must
don’t stop. Tears
are only water and salt. 
You felt this way once before
when you first moved 
from fluid to air. 

It is no one’s fault
you are more than halfway there. 
Surely you know that and are grateful 
to have come so far. Just go. 
Just keep going 

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  • Julie
    April 26, 2015 at 11:32 pm

    Thank you, more please.