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pretty push/pull

A rainy Sunday with nothing on the agenda – and almost out of my favorite concealer (the only “up-market” cosmetic i buy) – I took myself to a nearby Sephora: the cosmetic candy store for women.

I really enjoy wandering around cosmetic stores … all the colors, sparkles, and playful possibilities. It used to be hard for me to resist picking up some bonbon or another – besides the thing I went in to get – but as I get older, it’s harder to convince myself that the majority of the products are anything but overpriced variations of what I can get in a nearby drugstore (only in fancier packaging).

I also have a hard time reconciling my own enjoyment of the playfulness of cosmetics (and using them to paint away some of the effects of too much sun and not enough sunscreen in my youth) with how I feel about the overall “beauty industry” … one that continues to magnify the feelings of lack and not-good-enough in woman. (all women: young girls, young women, and “women of a certain age”) by constantly presenting unrealistic standards and images of beauty while promising such things as luminescent-flawless-dewy-radiant-younger looking skin.

Wow, that was a bit of an unexpected rant.

Not sure I have a solution to my own push/pull here. ‘Cept maybe I just keep doing what I do … going into the store, enjoying the carnival of color, and then getting out only with what I came for.

And journaling through it all ..

Try this at home: write about something you have a push/pull relationship with.

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  • Sandi
    August 16, 2011 at 3:05 am

    Oh, i Love a good make-up counter carnivale of color! As long as I am enjoying myself like a girl at an art store I’m good with it all. If, however I go over into the land of I’m not good enough without it, then it is time to step away and check inside. Such paradox.

    • Deb Cooperman
      August 17, 2011 at 12:52 pm

      I like that perspective Sandi: if it’s fun, then it’s OK; if it feels like I need it/won’t be OK w/out it, then it’s not.