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random schtuff

  • Was getting ready for Monday and realized I left my coffee mug in the car.  Unlocked the door, lowered myself in, grabbed the cup, and noticed this staring at me. Have I said I live in the boonies?deer-by-car
  • Father’s Day today. My folks always called Father’s and Mother’s Day “Hallmark holidays,” and we never made much of a fuss over them.  No big fanfare; no brunch; no gift. (no, that’s not entirely true; i once took my mom to see gypsy on broadway with tyne daly, but it was more about treating her to see the show than it was about mother’s day. she loved tyne daly). Usually I just send a card (cause even if these holidays were made up to sell cards, it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of any reason to tell someone you love that you love them…)  (but i digress.)

Since my Mom died, Mother’s Day provides another reminder of her obvious absence. Today I saw several Facebook posts from friends who have lost their fathers, and a few times when I saw a photo or an “I miss you Dad” post, I’d future-trip into panic about losing my dad. Bad enough to have lost mom; I don’t want think about the possibility of losing my dad … but for some reason, the mind seemed to be going there today. (stop it, mind.)

  • Had a session with the Writer Babes yesterday. The groups are usually intimate; after hosting a few with 10 to 12 participants, I’ve settled on an upper-limit of eight.

This week I had a really intimate group: two regular long-time Babes, and two complete newbies. New Babes bring an unknown energy into the mix, and I never know how they’ll respond to the “invitation,” the process, and the whole vibe of the group, so facilitating those workshops takes more focus and energy from moi. 

This time, I had a true facilitating workout cause the newbie Babes were an old friend from my elementary and middle school days, and my sister.

If each had come on her own, it would have been a stretch, and would have brought its own bit of history (and potential self-management requirements for me), but this was a double stretch. It was also a huge gift to have them there. But my sis in particular. She’s a year older, and while we get on great, we are siblings, and we have that unique sibling history with issues and differences, and, and, and. So with me in the facilitator role, and her in participant role – and in this vulnerable and awesome writing practice circle thing? – yup, I had me some facilitating steroids yesterday, I did. But it was so cool to see both of them get the goods of the group, and be so jazzed by it. I’m looking forward to having them both back. (i so love my writer babes. including the newest babes…)

  • I’ve been enjoying the action on the new Facebook page. If you’re here because you came from there: Hi; thanks for playing there, and thanks for coming here. (and if you’ve never been there, please, go “like it” … ) With more people playing, engaging and appreciating, I’m feeling way more inspired to write, to think about how I can serve, and really working to make it happen. Love when it all works like that.

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  • Julie
    June 18, 2012 at 11:38 am

    You made me smile. Not bad for a Monday where my computer was down and out for a couple of hours, and I have a presentation to review for a meeting later this afternoon. No sweat; I’m still smiling. Ciao girlie.

  • Kathy
    June 22, 2012 at 1:26 am

    Love this post, how you put seemingly random snapshots together. I might have to try this sometime. Re-subscribed to the blog so I can get the posts via email. Glad you’re feeling inspired to write and your writing is inspiring me to write.