Do you offer scholarships?

While it’s true that I want my work to be accessible to everyone, I know that not everyone can drum up those bucks easily. 

And here’s the bottom line: I’m in business, and I’ve got to make a profit so I can keep the lights on, the internet running, the groceries in the fridge, etc. … so I can share this work with as many people as possible. (See the Catch 22?)

I can offer a payment plan (just ask), and I won’t penalize you for paying in installments if that helps.

Having said that, I understand that even with a payment plan, this might still be out of reach for some. It’s a bummah; I get it. And, like I said: I may be one person, but I am in business, so … the price is the price. 

I will be setting up a Pay-it-Forward fund (like the fab marketing goddess Illana Burke) later this year so there will be some bucks available to help offset costs for one or two people in future iterations. (And more, as the fund grows.) 

If you’re looking at this FAQ just out of curiosity, and you’re feeling particularly generous and would like to throw some dollars in the fund in order to make it easier for someone else to experience this life-changing practice, drop me a line