Who are you to help me with this stuff? Why should I trust you? 

Well, on the official qualifications side: I’m a professionally trained and certified coach, so there’s that. But there are a lot of coaches out there, so, you might be thinking: Big fargin deal.

I get it.

I don’t usually lead with the coaching stuff, because – even though my coaching skills inform the work that I do, it’s not what I do.

What I do is different. I teach a practice, and I practice what I teach.

Because I’ve walked in shoes that are probably very similar to yours. I’ve questioned choices, made big life changes, and bravely stepped into the unknown (many, many times; I left a marriage; moved across the country because I’d always wanted to; planned and prepped for my business while working a demanding “day job” to name a few…).

And I know that writing is an incredibly valuable tool for all of this. I’ve worked with loads of women who have learned the value too. Women who have peeled layer after layer of old stories and beliefs that have been weighing them down for too. damn. long. Women who don’t want to find themselves 5 years on saying: “if only” … and “what if?”

I want to show you that you can have that too. 

I want you to get – really get in your bones – that what you want matters. That your light should not be dimmed and you should break free of every damn thing that tries to do that. And I really (really, really) want you to get out there and unapologetically live your one wild and precious life … because it’s the only one you’ve got.

I’ve found that one of the most profound ways to be in that process of discovery is through a writing practice.

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