I’m not a “real” writer; are you sure I won’t feel outta my league? 

First of all, a “real” writer is someone who writes. Period. Full stop.

If you have any nerves about writing among a group of people who have been at it a little longer than you have, you’ll soon realize that we’re all starting where we are, and working on what we come to the party with. There’s no “stars” in our group.

Wait a minute! Strike that, reverse it* … we are ALL stars. 

And with gentle exercises and fierce support, you’ll write your way through the fear, the judgement, the comparisons, and all the big and little things that are stopping you. 

The methods we use in Write Your Way Free have been helping woman write themselves into more freedom, and get to the heart of their lives for over 15 years.

In all of my workshops and programs, women who were blocked, afraid, self-conscious, and terrified have unblocked, gotten brave, tossed out the apologies, and stood stronger – sometimes after just an hour or two. This isn’t about grammar, spelling, trying to impress others with your fabulous prose, or writing for publication – it’s about conversations with yourself; it’s about exploration and understanding, and there’s no need to pretty it up and load expectation on top of expectation.

I’ve yet to meet a woman who hasn’t been able to get flowing with this process. So please don’t sweat it. I’ve got you covered. You can do it, even if you think you can’t.


*Yup, Willy Wonka