This is kinda pricey; do you offer scholarships? discounts?

Well, if you sign up early and pay in full, there’s a 10% discount … but if you’re asking this question, I suspect you either …

1) missed the early enrollment option, or

2) that 10% discount doesn’t make much of a dent in the overall cost for you

While it’s true that I want my work to be accessible to everyone, I know that – even though I cut the cost of this retreat almost to the bone already – this particular offering is going to make it hard for some peeps to say yes. 

And here’s the bottom line: I’m in business, and I’ve got to make money so I can keep the lights on, the internet running, the groceries in the fridge, etc. … so I can share this work with as many people as possible. 

I DO offer a payment plan for the retreat (just ask), and I don’t penalize you for paying in installments. (So, y’know, it’s kinda like a no-interest credit card for you between now and March 28th …). 

Having said that, I understand that even with the early discount, and the payment plan, this might still be out of reach for some. It’s a bummah; I get it. And, like I said: I may be one person, but I am in business, so … the price is the price. 

I will be setting up a Pay-it-Forward fund (like the fab marketing goddess Illana Burke) later this year so there will be some bucks available to help offset costs for one or two people at future retreats. (And more, as the fund grows.)

What you CAN do until then, is check out the Write Your Way Free Foundational Course; it’s almost 87% less than the retreat, so … y’know, way more affordable.

You won’t get the hang-out-on-the-beach-with-a-bunch-of-amazing-women benefit that you’d get at the retreat, but you’ll have 3 weeks to swim in similar concepts and exercises with another group of amazing women. Check it out. Our next one starts in February.