Welcome to Write Your Way Free of 2018!



I’m so happy you’re here. 

This is going to be awesome.



You’ll get an email reminder a couple days before our first call, and on the day of our first call – Monday, December 3rd at 1pm ET calls

If you’ve never joined a video-conference on the Zoom platform, you’ll have to download some software (or, if you’re on a tablet: an app). It shouldn’t take more than a minute, but I highly recommend that you do it at least a few hours before we meet, just in case you have challenges. (The day before? Even better.) Here’s a link to our meeting “room.”  (You’ll get that link in your emails too, FYI.)

NOTE: In my experience, Zoom is by far the best online video-conference service, but like all technology, there are sometimes bugs.

One of the most common challenges people have with the platform is with their audio – they can’t hear me and/or I can’t hear them when they first sign on. 95% of the time if you use earphones that will take care of it, but if it doesn’t , signing off and signing back on usually does the trick.

The second most-common issue with Zoom happens when you have a lot of tabs open on your browser. In that case, things can slow down, freeze, or you’ll get a message that says your internet has become “unstable.” That usually means that we’ll see you freeze, or your audio will get choppy. If you can close out as many tabs as possible on your browser before you sign on, you’re less likely to encounter that. (Note to self: close your tabs, Cooperman.) 


You’ll get an email each day during the program …

… so be sure the email address you used when you purchased with PayPal is the one you use the most. If not, be sure to shoot me an email: deb (at) debcooperman (dot) com, and let me know which one you’d rather use. (Please do that BEFORE December 2nd!) 


Our second call will be on December 13th, also at 1pm ET


Both calls will be recorded …

… and the recordings will be shared via a secure, encrypted file in Dropbox Pro in case you can’t make them live. They’ll be available for you to watch until January 31st.


callsQuestions before we start?

Shoot me an email: deb (at) debcooperman (dot) com. xo

See you SOON! (Squeee!)