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Wouldn’t  it  be  nice  if  there  was  a  manual  for  life?

… or a class, like the one you had to take in middle school when puberty loomed (gaad, wouldn’t that be awesome?) – but in this life, you’re on your own (yup, i just quoted prince …) and when there’s so much to think about, so much to take into consideration, and so much hope, habit, and history to sort through if you’re going to start showing up differently for your own life, it’s hard to know when to start.

And with your comfort zone so very comfortable, you might be wondering if you’ll ever be able to uncover, and then DO all the things you really want to do with your one wild and precious life.

But you can. I promise you. And I can help.

I’m Deb Cooperman, a writing evangelist, certified life coach, life-shaker-upper, and seeker. I’m committed to supporting women as they uncover, recover, and rediscover their awesomeness … all the stuff that got pushed to the side by the striving, responsibilities, and challenges of being a grown up, and all the should’s, gotta-dos, and “girls/women don’t do”s too. 

I’ll be your partner along the way.  

Because it’s not easy to rediscover, redefine, and reshape your life on your own; it’s work.

Big, important work.

If it was easy, you’d have done it already, right?

In my work – including The Writer Babes program – you’ll take the time to uncover and recover the longings you’ve been putting on the back burner; reconnect to your gut and your intuition; reveal the ways you’ve neglected yourself, and get started on developing self-care practices (beyond bubble baths and candle-light) that will have you look at your life in a whole new light.

It will be liberating, transformative, and regenerative.

But it won’t be prescriptive.

The things I teach don’t follow a standard methodology. It’s not a”6 module course to your best life.” I can’t promise that if you do A, B, and C you’ll remake your life and you’ll tackle all the challenges you’re facing for the shiny, happy world of your dreams. 


This work isn’t sweetness and light all the time. Because real, nourishing growth rarely happens without some growing pains.

But it’s going to be TOTALLY worth it.

You’ll be better equipped to face the rest of your life with a renewed confidence, inspiration, and soul-full satisfaction. You’ll feel connected to your own internal compass, with a fuller emotional tank that’ll help you make yourself a priority. You’ll have new insight into what’s been missing in your life, clarity about what you can do to get more of what you want, a sense of resolve to let go of the things that have been weighing you down, and a different kind of hope about the possibilities ahead. 

Join me …

Because it’s the work of your life. 

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I’ll soon be unveiling a new program UnwrittenFoundations of a Lifelong Writing Practice to help you dig in on this work.
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With an Insight session, I’ll teach you some of my best stuff to help you use a writing practice to explore what’s been simmering on the back-burner of own life. You’ll learn ways to uncover some of the things you’ve been yearning for, and what’s been stopping you from having them

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What Happens

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  • You’ll have a 1 hour conversations with me – including a recording of the conversation
  • You’ll get a tip sheet, action steps, and recommendations – You’ll get some of my top insights on using a writing practice, along with resources, and inspiration to keep going forward. You’ll also get personalized suggestions for things to do/consider/explore to keep you moving forward.
  • And there’s a check in bonus – Two weeks after we talk we’ll set a time to hop on the phone for 20 minutes so I can answer questions, offer additional insight … whatever you need. (and if you decide you’d like one more full-hour session, it’s yours for $109. whaaaat? double bonus!)**

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