A four week online circle for women
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The next session starts in early January 2019
Dates to be announced. 

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The simple practice of putting pen to pagewill help free you and uncover more of who you are.

It can help you 
release old hurts, and habits that no longer serve you, tame negative thoughts, gain perspective, exercise your self-compassion muscle, reawaken your creativity, and find flow in your work, relationships, and health.

Already writing? This program will help you discover new ways to deepen and energize it to make it your go-to support practice in life.

The program sells for what my peeps tell me is an insanely affordable no-brainer price of just $127. (Such a deal.)


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ABOUT Write Your Way Free

You’ve probably heard that writing for a few minutes every day (or even every now and then) can help you connect with yourself; expand your creative muscles, regain confidence, and improve the quality of your life in so many ways. 

In my experience, writing can be a powerful, transformative tool to free you. From the habits that drag you down, the beliefs that you’ve absorbed from your family, and the greater culture you’ve been swimming in since you were a wee thing.

But as simple as it may seem – just get a pen and some paper and start writing, right? – it can be hard for some people to get started – and keep at it – in order to create an effective transformational writing practice.

So hard, it turns out, that many don’t even start.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve developed the introduction to Write Your Way Free to help women make the best of this use-anywhere practice that is a profound addition to any examined life.



With Write Your Way Free …

… you’ll have permission, space, and time to stretch, discover, and grow. You’ll start to cut through all the waxy build-up of your life and get back down to your beautiful shine (yes, I did just reference an old Pledge commercial). You’ll begin releasing the things that are holding you back and no longer serving you, so you can break free of the chains that bind you and reclaim your essential awesomeness. 



So … What IS it?

Write Your Way Free teaches you the essentials of a practice I created over 15 years ago – one that I’ve been offering ever since. 

With structure – and lots of room for freedom (I mean, it’s about getting free, right?) – you’ll learn how to get going; how to keep going, and how to bust through blocks when they show up. (You’ll also learn how your writing blocks are a lot like some of the other blocks in your life. And you’ll see how writing can help you bust those too.)

You’ll have the time and space to start using this writing practice to explore your life in a whole new way. It’s an invitation to discovery; an invitation to you. All with boatloads of support, encouragement, and community – and led by me: a practicing writer who brings soul, reverence, and lightness to this sacred work. 



Here’s what you’ll get …


4 weeks of lessons, group (video) calls, creative prompts, and simple, effective techniques that will teach you how to make the most of this practice, and begin to make it your own. Or deepen your existing practice.



We’ll have one 90-minute video-conference call each week during our time together.

The calls will include a bit of lesson-like time where I’ll share tools and various ways to dig in to your writing practice. You’ll learn: Why it matters to YOU. How to get started. How to a be a compassionate witness to your fellow participants (which I think you’ll find to be a super-helpful way to be with your fellow humans in general …). You’ll learn how to create a bank of things to write about – things that matter to YOU. You’ll learn one of my favorite tools to keep track of the big themes in your life, so you can track the changes, the challenges, and the things to celebrate.

We will practice the practice with writing prompts/writing time (with chances to read out loud if you like) in a group of like-minded, searching, and growing women.

You’ll also get to ask questions at the end of the call.

The calls are also a time to deepen the work and the connections you’ll be making in our Facebook group (more on that below).

Calls will be recorded, so if you can’t join us live, you can always catch up with the lessons and conversations at your leisure. (Files will be stored in a secure, encrypted file in Dropbox Pro, and available only to course participants for the duration of the course + 2 weeks.)

And, the weekly calls aren’t the only place to connect … see below. 



We’ll gather to create a supportive, intimate, online community in a private Facebook group, where a lot of digging in will happen. There we can talk more about weekly lessons; we’ll write from prompts, and get bits of inspiration and/or weekly challenges. Do the exercises that call to you, and share your experience in the group (or not). It’s totally up to you.

The group is a place for you to share insights, ask questions, bounce ideas off each other, and cheer each other on. I’ll be super-active in the group, offering encouragement, support, various pop-up exercises, insights, and challenges.

There will also be two sessions of online “office hours” during the program where you can catch me in real-time to ask questions about your practice, and the process.

The Facebook group will open a few days before the first call, and will remain open for two weeks after the last call.



In my over 15 years facilitating programs and workshops, I’ve helped hundreds of women break free of the things that hold them back and befriend themselves with a writing practice.

Because we’re not getting any younger, right? And this life thing is finite. And I don’t know about you but (cue Paula Cole …) “I don’t wanna wait for my life to be over” before I stop apologizing for taking up space, and start doing the things I really want to do. 

And I get how hard it can be to get moving on this stuff. I get that the longings we live with can sometimes feel like impossible dreams, and the prospect of breaking free of habits and intrenched ways of thinking can be scary.

I also know that a writing practice can help with all those things.

It can help break through years of conditioning, societal expectations, influences from the workplace, pop culture, social media, advertising, and the diet-culture and self-help industries that often play into our deepest fears. That and all the other things that keep us thinking there’s a right way to be; a way we’re supposed to look, act, and feel. It can help us get clear on the things we really want – not just the things we’ve been sold and told to want.

Your writing practice is a mirror that can help you bust through blocks, energize out of inertia, and make mincemeat out of the internal voices that say:”can’t,” don’t,” “not good enough,” and “you shouldn’t.”

If you join this program, be ready for my personal brand of soulful kickassedness, humor, and fierce support. And lots of fabulous pop music references – particularly from the days of cassette tapes, albums, and 45s.



While you’ll be able ask questions in the Facebook group and on our group calls, when you sign up during the “early bird” days, get guaranteed 100% focused, individualized attention and support, with an added 1-on-1 session with me. 

With this time I’ll address questions or issues that have come up for you, and create personalized prompts just for you to work with so you can dig deeper on some issues you’re focusing on. You can use your hour in either one full session, or break that time up into two half-hour calls. 

This time can be used at any point during the Write Your Way Free introduction program, or up to a month after we wrap up

(And if you don’t sign up during the early bird, you can still get a 1-on-1 session for 30% off my usual price: just $97. Not too shabby.)



I know that 4 weeks isn’t a long time, and you may only be scratching the surface during our time together. But don’t worry: I won’t leave you hanging. Once this foundational program is over, you’ll be able to join all future Write Your Way Free programs like Dear Future MeBody Stories; Letting Go; Grief; In this Picture (a memory project), Legacy Letters, and more – as well as in-person workshops and retreats.  

are you ready?



as you wish



Can’t wait? Or maybe you want more individualized attention than a group program provides, check out my current one-on-one offering here.