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Maybe you don’t want to wait for the next offering of The Foundational Course … or perhaps you’d rather get one-on-one focused time to kick-start (or reinvigorate) your writing practice?

could be …

That’s what you’ll get with an Insight session.

I’ll teach you some of my best stuff/offer resources/suggest ways to deepen your explorations on the page … all to help you make the most of a writing practice. 

yes please

How it works …

yes please

  • You’ll have a 1 hour conversations with me – including a recording of the conversation
  • You’ll get a tip sheet, action steps, and recommendations – You’ll get some of my top insights on using a writing practice, along with resources, and inspiration to keep going forward. You’ll also get personalized suggestions for things to do/consider/explore to keep you moving forward.
  • And there’s a check-in bonus – Two weeks after we talk we’ll set a time to hop on the phone for 20 minutes so I can answer questions, offer additional insight … whatever you need. (and if you decide you’d like one more full-hour session, it’s yours for $109. whaaaat? double bonus!)**cool beans!

Want some of that? This is the button for you. 

Once you’ve paid, you’ll be directed to a scheduling page, where you can pick among my available times to select the best appointment for you. 


(Questions about this? Drop me a line.)